Tapered Indonesian Teak Cabinet from Java 19th Century

Tapered Indonesian Teak Cabinet from Java 19th Century

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The essence of traditional Indonesian furniture is fully expressed in the simplicity and graceful presence of this 19th-century two door cabinet. Crafted of Teak Wood with traditional joinery techniques, the tall cabinet is gently tapered, with tapered legs and austere doors spanning from top to bottom. Given the harsh conditions that furniture had been subjected to in the past two centuries of Indonesia's history, it's rare to find a cabinet with original paint as beautifully aged as this. Largely intact, but heavily crazed, the polychromed coating's time-weathered appearance lends the cabinet a treasured sense of history. An ideal place to display jades, porcelain, and other esteemed scholars' objects, this cabinet likely stood as the centerpiece of a traditional scholars' studio, carefully selected as a source of beauty and creative inspiration.

Dimensions: Length 106cm x Width 46cm x Height 140cm
Materials and Techniques:
Teak,Wood,Hand-Carved,Polychromed (painted, printed, or decorated in several colors.)
Place of Origin: Indonesia

Period: 19th Century
Date of Manufacture: 19th Century

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