Left to Right: Olumide Oresegun, Avery Barnes, Lele Msibi, Nahom Ghirmay
The Residency

Our Mission

TASWIRA is an ecosystem to support minority artisans growth, acceleration and exhibitions of their work locally and globally on every wall, platform or stage.

Incubator Program

We're committed to the empowerment of minority artisans, proudly introducing our arts Incubator Program, The Residency. Designed to foster a nurturing environment for emerging artists, providing them with the space, resources, and support they need to flourish. This Incubator aims to be a catalyst for cultural innovation and community engagement, aligning with our mission to support the growth, acceleration, and global exhibition of minority artisans' work.

Pillars of impact


Gallery: Our hybrid gallery will offer our artists works in both physical and digital worlds. Our customers can access tangible artworks showcased in a physical space while also enjoying the convenience and accessibility of experiencing art online. 

Event and Performance Venues: Incubator participants have access to our versatile event spaces, ideal for hosting exhibitions, performances, workshops, and community events. These venues are equipped to ensure that all artistic presentations are professional and impactful.


Powered by Allied Arts Foundation

Grants: TASWIRA's Fiscal Partnership with Allied Arts Foundation, allows us to apply for more supportive grants and funding opportunities. 
Career Strategies, tailored to their individual goals and aspirations 
Mentorship, guidance, and emotional support to their clients.


Community Engagement: We emphasize the importance of community involvement and support. Incubator participants are encouraged to engage with local communities through outreach programs, public art projects, and educational initiatives, ensuring that their work resonates beyond the gallery walls. 

Collaborative Opportunities: TASWIRA actively markets the work of incubator participants among other galleries, corporate partners, commissions, and public arts organizations both locally and globally. By representing their work outside of the gallery walls, we create opportunities for collaboration and exposure that extend beyond our immediate network, fostering meaningful partnerships and broadening the reach of their art.

Supported by

Volunteer Opportunities

At TASWIRA, we believe that the support of dedicated volunteers is crucial to our mission of nurturing minority artisans and promoting African art on a global stage. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that allow you to contribute your skills and passions to our vibrant community. Here are the categories where you can make a meaningful impact:

Grant Writing

Grant Writing Volunteers play a vital role in securing the funding necessary for TASWIRA's programs and initiatives. Volunteers in this category will:
  • Develop Proposals: Assist in writing and preparing compelling grant proposals that effectively communicate the impact and needs of Residency participants and TASWIRA's projects.
  • Collaborate with Staff: Work closely with TASWIRA's development team to gather necessary information and ensure proposals are tailored to each funder's requirements.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Volunteers contribute to the storytelling and communication efforts that bring TASWIRA's mission to life. Volunteers in this category will:
  • Content Creation: Write engaging content for TASWIRA's blog, newsletters, and social media platforms, highlighting artists' stories, gallery events, and cultural insights. 
  • Marketing Materials: Help craft persuasive copy for marketing materials, brochures, and press releases to promote TASWIRA's exhibitions and programs. 
  • Editorial Support: Assist in editing and proofreading written materials to ensure clarity, coherence, and grammatical accuracy.

Artist Mentorship

Artist Mentorship Volunteers provide guidance and support to emerging artists, helping them develop their skills and navigate the art world. Volunteers in this category will:
  • Skill Development: Offer personalized mentorship to artists in areas such as technique, portfolio development, and artistic vision. 
  • Career Guidance: Provide advice on professional practices, including marketing, networking, and exhibition opportunities.


Photography Volunteers capture the essence of TASWIRA's dynamic environment and events through their lens. Volunteers in this category will: 
  • Event Photography: Document gallery events, exhibitions, and workshops, creating a visual archive that showcases TASWIRA's activities and impact.
  •  Artist Portraits: Take professional photographs of resident artists and their work, providing high-quality images for promotional use. 
  • Visual Storytelling: Develop visual content for TASWIRA's website, social media, and marketing campaigns, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of our communications.

Event Support

Event Support Volunteers are essential to the smooth execution of TASWIRA's events and activities. Volunteers in this category will:
  • Event Setup and Breakdown: Assist with the setup and breakdown of exhibitions, workshops, and special events, ensuring that spaces are prepared and welcoming.
  • Guest Services: Provide a friendly and informative presence at events, greeting guests, answering questions, and offering assistance as needed. 
  • Logistical Support: Help with various logistical tasks, such as managing registrations, coordinating with vendors, and facilitating event flow.

For More Information, email: info@taswira.org