Nahom Ghirmay

"Art has been my steadfast companion throughout my “nomadic” life, providing me with a sense of stability amidst ever-changing landscapes. Having lived in various parts of the world, my artistic perspective has been profoundly shaped by these experiences, redefining my understanding of 'home' as I immersed myself in diverse countries and cultures. This vibrant tapestry of multicultural influences has woven its way into my art, enriching my creative expression.

In my artworks, I explore identity and delve into emotional depths, fascinated by the subtle nuances of facial expressions and body language. Inspired by the stories, ambitions, and worries of those around me, I aim to capture these narratives through my brushstrokes, charcoal marks, and color palettes.

This series visually represents the physical and spiritual journey towards discovering serenity amidst chaos. The flowers symbolize transcendent hope, offering glimpses of optimism and resilience.

I believe that art has the power to connect people across cultures and backgrounds. Through my work, I hope to foster empathy and understanding between individuals, and to create a space for meaningful dialogue." - Nahom Ghirmay, "Journey to Serenity" Solo-Exhibit at TASWIRA July 2023