Michael Waweru

“Upon leaving school, I started as a hawker in Nairobi, selling second hands clothes.

While Hawking, I used to paint during my free time. One day, I met an artist who connected me to an open spot in the popular Maasai Market. This became a platform where I could sell my paintings.

After seeing that my art was paying better than selling clothes in the streets, painting become my full time job.

I am a self taught.

My inspiration comes from things that I see.

I love to observe environments around me; like human behaviors in different spaces and people's beliefs, opinions.

Whatever is wrong and I feel is unworthy in society, I speak to that through my craft.

The background of my works also come from my personal life experiences, past and present.

I believe the best way to express myself to the world is through art form.

 I have exhibited my work in multiple countries including: Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Netherlands and Nigeria.

I currently have a permanent piece hanging in Kenya’s Canadian Embassy.” - Michael Waweru, 2023

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