TASWIRA Debuts At The Seattle Art Fair, Featuring Damon Brown


TASWIRA Debuts at the Seattle Art Fair, Featuring Damon Brown

Seattle, WA - From Africa to Seattle, the TASWIRA Gallery is honored to announce their debut at the Seattle Art Fair, featuring select emerging artists from the latest revealed Residency. This also includes world-renowned artists like Olumide Oresegun, Seattle’s rising icon and multidisciplinary artist, Damon Brown, in addition to a collaborative partnership with South African artist/filmmaker, Ralph Ziman. The group showing of “The Residency: NOW or NVR” will be open to the public from July 11th - 31st, followed by an exclusive solo exhibition from Aug 1st - 25th titled “The Casspir Project'' by Ralph Ziman, in collaboration with ARTXIV.

"We've worked so hard to get to this point, coming from a complete grassroots beginning, gaining the resources and recognition needed to introduce fresh perspectives on contemporary African fine art in Seattle," said Avery Barnes, founder of TASWIRA and newly appointed City of Seattle Arts Commissioner. "While some may see competition, it excites me to see emerging galleries and creative agencies collaborate, it’s what Seattle needs."

TASWIRA Gallery: A New Beacon of African Art

TASWIRA Gallery has rapidly gained attention for its dedication to showcasing contemporary African art. The gallery’s mission is to introduce fresh perspectives on African art, offering a platform for both emerging and established artists. By debuting at the 2024 Seattle Art Fair, TASWIRA aims to highlight the complexities of African heritage and fine art in Seattle, WA.

Damon Brown: A Local Icon with National Influence

From the buildings many call home, to the cards that swipe our payments, to the beverages we drink and the places where we consume them, from the cups in our nearest Starbucks to the shoes on our feet. At an early age in Seattle, WA, Damon Brown knew that art would be like a second language to him. "A magic that he would develop over the years," he says, as he paved the way for Black artists, especially in his hometown. He speaks to communities nationally through the representation of Black contemporary figures in everyday spaces and graphic design.

Damon Brown’s journey is a testament to his dedication and talent. His work, which spans various mediums and everyday objects, has not only made art accessible but has also championed representation in spaces often overlooked. His influence extends beyond Seattle, as he continues to engage with communities nationwide through his art.

Special Events and Community Engagement

TASWIRA’s debut at the Seattle Art Fair will be accompanied by a series of special events aimed at fostering community engagement and dialogue:

The debut of our gallery, TASWIRA, at the 2024 Seattle Art Fair marks a significant milestone for contemporary African art in Seattle. With the inclusion of renowned artists like Olumide Oresegun, Damon Brown, and Ralph Ziman, TASWIRA is set to make a lasting impact on the art community. Don’t miss the chance to experience this magical journey and support the incredible talents showcased.

How To Get Involved

Visit the 2024 Seattle Art Fair to witness the groundbreaking works of TASWIRA and its artists. For more information on fair dates, location, and ticketing, visit the Seattle Art Fair’s website. Follow TASWIRA on social media to stay updated on future exhibitions and events. Support and follow Damon Brown’s work and upcoming projects to be part of this cultural revolution.